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Media Lion are the E-commerce Website Specialists in Perth WA

If you’re looking for an ecommerce website that will help boost your sales, you’ve come to the right place. We’re ecommerce website specialists based in Perth, and we can help you get the most out of your online presence.

We’ll make sure your website is optimised for search engines, so potential customers can easily find you. We’ll also create a beautiful, user-friendly design that will make your customers want to buy from you. And we’ll integrate digital advertising into your website, so you can reach even more potential customers.

If you’re ready to take your ecommerce business to the next level, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help.

View 2 latest websites created by Media Lion, Lujo Home in Adelaide SA and Simara Blends Pty Ltd located in Fremantle, Perth WA

Simara Blends.
Speciality Lattes.

Simara Blends needed a complete revamp.

Mobile responsive, Aesthetically pleasing + a SEO powerhouse of a website – with increased user experience, journey and functionality. 

So we did just that.

Simara Blends | E-commerce Website

Simara didn’t want a new website, they needed a new website. Squarespace just wasn’t cutting it any longer. They were losing rankings on google, and therefore sales. So Media Lion came to the rescue as a website designer Perth and saved the day. See how we did it below.

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Your website is your prime piece of online real estate

Most people believe creating a website is as simple as selecting a template, changing the images and enter the information relating to your product or service. In reality, there is much more to creating an effective website to meet the goals and performance requirements you desire.

At Media Lion Digital Marketing Agency in Perth, or in house web designers offer a full suite of web design and development services, from visually appealing and conversion driven optimisation, mobile and laptop responsive, search engine optimisation ready, UI (user interface) and UX (user design), site speed and more. 

We work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of your company’s vision, purpose, brand identity and goals to make sure your website generates the highest quality of leads and profits

“Media Lion took care of everything. From a complete re-vamp of my existing site, SEO migration, new product images & videos to web design and development. I have already seen an increase in sales and rankings on google”.

Michael Joseph – MD Simara Blends Pty Ltd, Perth WA

What Simara Needed.

SEO. Rankings>>>

Google SEO Migration & Optimisations

Digital Campaign Management.
Facebook & IG Advertising.


Lujo Home.
Luxury Bedding.

Lujo Home wanted a faster, modern looking, luxury feeling WordPress E-commerce website to promote their range of luxury mulberry silk bedding.
So that is what we did.

Lujo Home | E-commerce Website 

Lujo Homes had an outdated website, that was in dire need of a re-vamp combined with an seo migration to save the current rankings on google that the website currently had. They also needed fresh imagery for the site and social media along with fresh video showcasing their products for Facebook ads. The team at Media Lion continues to create the content needed for increased sales and brand awareness.


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“We had an increase in sales by 489% once our new e-comm website launched and our customers are so happy with the new design & user experience, thank you Media Lion”

Mel Van K -Founder and MD of Lujo Home, Adelaide

1/3 videos
Lujo Home Silk Pillowcase Promo Video
Lujo Home Silk Pillowcase Promo Video
Lujo Home Silk Quilt Promo Video
Lujo Home Silk Quilt Promo Video
Silk Pillowcase + Eye Mask Promo Video
Silk Pillowcase + Eye Mask Promo Video

What Lujo Home needed

Sales. More Sales.

Digital Campaign Management.
Integrated Marketing.
Social Media Management.
Facebook & IG Advertising.
Google SEO Migration & Optimisations
Google Ads


additional website visitors over 90 days


increase in sales & website conversions


increase in ROAS on Facebook ads

How we helped Lujo Home elevate their luxury bedding brand



Mobile & Tablet Responsive Web Design

All our websites are made to be responsive on all platforms including mobile, ipad, Imac, macbook and watches by Media Lion Web Design Company


WordPress Web Design & Development Specialists

Your New Website Includes

Ecomm | Shopify

We specialise in e-commerce web design and development with WordPress and Shopify. Contact us today for a free quote


UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) is the process of supporting user behavior through the interface and the physical interaction of your website and web design


We specialise in making shopif websites for Local businesses' in Perth. Whether our business is online, brick & mortar, coach or consultant, Media Lion is the name you can trust


Are you a Tradie in person, one man band, or have a team? Media Lion will build you a site that generates leads and is ready for paid advertising to bring in more leads than you can handle

E-commerce SEO

Our speciality is building websites for our e-commerce clients and migrating your current SEO efforts

Site Speed

Web design is important and your website should be loading under 3 seconds to avoid people closing the browser. Site speed is super important and just 1 element that is overlooked by novice web builders

Content Creation

Copywriting, Images, Video to strategic brand messaging, Media Lion does all the heavy lifting when creating your new website so you don't have to

Conversion Optimisation

Having a nice website is one thing, but it's main purpose is to convert your visitors into paying customers. Media Lion has a team of CRO experts ready to start optimising your website

Client Training

Receive 1 hour of complimentary website training and ongoing support (paid & unpaid) when your website is live and running

Product Videography

Your website needs video/s. Media Lion can help you produce the videos you require from branding, to information, education and entertaining. Unless your website visitors have crazy speed-reading skills, it is a safe bet that they digest information they see and hear faster than they read.

Product Photography

A great website has great imagery, and great imagery starts with a great photographer. Media Lion has a team of qualified and professional photographers specialising in product photography so you can showcase your products on your website in a stunning and elegant way

Graphic design

A great website has great web design, and great design starts with a Media Lion Graphic Designer. Media Lion has a team of qualified and professional illustrators and web designers who can help with the aesthetics of your new website

Our Work

Some of our clients web design / website examples


Your website promotes your business 24/7. No Employee will do that

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Meet our team of Web Designers

Media Lion Web Design Team

Media Lion has a strong team of web designers, graphic designers, user experience (UX), user interface (UI) specialists and brand strategist to take your website to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a landing page to convert traffic, an e-commerce website to showcase your products and increase sales and revenue, or a service based website, Media Lion has all bases covered. You can be confident in the Media Lion team and dedicated web designer for your project exceeding your expectations and delivering you a website that is rich in copy, imagery, aesthetics and functionality. If you are looking for Perth based web designer to help you with your next website project, click the let’s chat button or contact us through Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin

the team at media lion digital marketing agency perth standing at the table together

Our 3 Step Process to Successful Web Design

Our Website Design Workflow

Step 1

Research and Planning

Our team of web designers perform an in-depth website analysis of your current seo / web strategy to determine the state of your current online presence. We will use this information to determine the design, overall aesthetics and structure of your website and  schedule a meeting with you to go over your goals, needs a desires.

Step 2

Sketch & Web Design

Next, our team will start implementing the web design process incorporating the new features, design and SEO elements.
This is where the fun and magic begins. As we progress through the design, you will be sent updates to maintain complete transparency & collaboration with while moving to the web development stage.

Step 3

Launch and Optimise

After 4-6 weeks your web design and website will be ready to go “live”. Our team will continue to maintain and grow your website, and monitor the performance of the SEO and make adjustments as needed. Updates of plugin will be automatically updated to keep you website running at it’s optimal best


Hear from our happy web design clients…

Client Results

Trendsetter Homes

Generated Perth Luxury Home Builder over 200+ leads and 3 bookings in just 30 days

”The first campaign that Media Lion ran provided in excess of 60-70 leads, the second campaign brought in over 500 leads with a ratio of 30% success. If you are looking for a digital marketing and web design agency in Perth with no locked-in contracts, an open, honest and transparent approach, I highly recommend getting in touch with Lance from Media Lion”

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Client Results

Easter Wonderland

“I’ve been working with Lance from Media Lion for the past 3 years, We spent $16,500 on Facebook ads in the 3 weeks leading up to my event and returned of $98,935.84.

We had over 633 online family passes sold through our new web design.

I totally recommend Lance from Media Lion for your new site, they’ll give you a great return on investment”

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Client Results

Luke Dawson

“Working with Lance from Media Lion, we’ve increased our leads by 300% and taken our lead cost down to a 30% reduction and it’s meant a significant saving to my business.

If you want to know how to market and advertise your business on Facebook then you should reach out to Lance at Media Lion and he can help your business be successful”

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This depends on what you a requiring, what the goals are of the website, and what type of functions the website needs. Websites can range from $1,000 to $30,000.

Generally, the process takes 6-8 weeks depending on the size of the website. 

E-commerce websites will take 4-6 weeks

Service websites can take 2-4 weeks

Our web design perth sales consultant can help you determine an estimate time frame

Yes, all our websites come with a free training package and on-going monthly support.

We have different packages available on offer for you and will tailor the plan best suited to your needs

Yes, WordPress is our chosen platform to build your website, although we can use Shopify if required.

Just keep in mind that shopify charges you monthly and WordPress is free, however wordpress does require paid plug-ins

With shopify, you are renting your website.

With WordPress, you own your website.

Our web design perth office can help you in deciding which is best for you

Web design is the process of designing your website, curating images, font types, colours, theme and so on…

Development, commonly known as Web Dev, is the building of the site, coding and integrations.

Think of it as designing a house, and building a house

Media Lion offers both web development services and web design

Yes, our perth web design team is located right here in Perth, and have offices in Perth CBD, Wembley and Leederville and are qualified websites designers and web developers

Our web design perth team and web development work is all done in house and not offshore as we believe in supporting local.

Yes, we love re-designing websites for our clients. You can view our latest ones we just completed for Lujo Home and Simara Blends

Yes, we can create websites for international clients. If you are an international business looking for a new website design and web development then get in touch with us today 

Yes, we offer 100% full support, updates, changes, additions and add-ons for your website. 

Yes. Responsive websites are very important. Your website will work across Apple and Android devices, Imac, Macbook, Ipad, Windows PC and Laptops, Iphones & Watches and Variety of screen sizes

If you are looking for digital solutions and a business website, or a custom website that work on all mobile phones then Media Lion can help you

Media Lion has been building websites since 2005 and is a digital media company and web design agency based in Perth

Our digital media company based in Wembley is where our in house team are full time.

We are proud to be a Perth Web Design business helping companies elevate their brand and increase sales Australia wide.

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