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Why Facebook Advertising Matters

Running paid advertisements on Facebook is the most effective way to reach new customers. But only if you do it effectively.

Otherwise, you are throwing money into a “black hole” with a slim chance of seeing any return on investment. With a variety of social platforms available and the decision to where and how to run advertising campaigns becomes even more overwhelming.

That is where Media Lion Digital Marketing Agency can help.

Our team of experts on Facebook, Instagram and Google Paid advertising extends their knowledge to help our clients develop a deeper understanding of their customer’s journey and use this to produce effective ads on social media.

And as a result, you will not only stop wasting marketing money, you will see improved results such as increased leads, increased lifetime value of customers and more sales.


Client Testimonials


Michael Agostino – Managing Director

” The first campaign that Media Lion ran provided in excess of 60-70 leads, the second campaign brought in over 500 leads with a ratio of 30% success. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Perth with no locked-in contracts, an open, honest and transparent approach, I highly recommend getting in touch with Lance from Media Lion”

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Finance Company in Perth – CEO

“Working with Lance from Media Lion, we’ve increased our leads by 300% and taken our lead cost down to a 30% reduction and it’s meant a significant saving to my business.

If you want to know how to market and advertise your business on Facebook then you should reach out to Lance at Media Lion and he can help your business be successful”

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Mitchell Ross – CEO

“I’ve been working with Lance from Media Lion for the past 3 years, We spent $16,500 on Facebook ads in the 3 weeks leading up to my event and returned of $98,935.84.

We had over 633 online family passes sold through our website.

I totally recommend Lance from Media Lion, they’ll give you a great return on investment”

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Our 3-STEP Process


The Customer Journey

To kick things off, our team will spend time mapping out exactly what your customer journey should look like. This includes an analysis of all your current paid efforts, competitive landscape, and audience segmentation strategy.


Launch / Testing Phase

Once we have a better understanding of your customers or target audience, we will begin launching and testing new advertisements. We will generate both copy and creative assets while testing new messaging, creative, and targeting until we find the perfect combination.


Results, Scale and Grow

The changes we make are guaranteed to improve your paid social results. You will see an increase in your customer base and their lifetime value, making you more money!

Map The Customer Journey

Our team will identify the milestones of your customer’s journey and work to remove obstacles from their path. Once implemented, we will continuously monitor results to optimize our strategy.

Launch and Test

Our work is never done. As we implement a new paid social strategy and continuing thereafter, we will test the advertisements and continue to make changes in order to optimize results.

Ad Creative, Images, Video

We run paid social advertising demands high-quality content and multi-media strategies in order to be successful. Power Digital’s paid social experts will craft unique creatives and content that will make your ads stand out from the competition.

Pixel & Custom Audiences

Your paid advertisements are a waste of money if they are being displayed to the wrong people. Our team of experts segments your audience and build advertisements that will be displayed to each unique persona of your customer base to show the right ads to the right people.

Product and Service Management

Showing your prospects and customers relevant products in your advertisements can help entice them to visit your site. Our team will take care of curating and managing product feeds to see the results without the heavy lifting.

Scaling for Maximum Results

Our work is never done. As we implement a new paid social strategy and continuing thereafter, we will test the advertisements and continue to make changes in order to optimize results.

who we've worked with

Generated Perth Luxury Home Builder over 200+ leads and 3 bookings in just 30 days

Before working with our team, Trendsetter Homes Perth was missing out on effective Facebook and Instagram lead generation strategies and retargeting campaigns. Media Lion set up a new Website that is optimized for generating leads through all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Through rigorously testing offers, audiences, and optimization, we were able to lower their retargeting’s Cost Per Acquisition to only $4-5 and increase their retargeting ROI from a 2x to a 160x. Within just 30 days, we were able to generate over 200+ leads and 3 bookings with a potential $183,000 in revenue from their Facebook ads alone.


Event Management business Easter Wonderland 3000+ online tickets sold and received a 553.33% ROI.

Mitchell, owner of a Perth Kids + Adults event company called Easter Wonderland first sought out Media Lion to help promote the event on social media. We rolled out advanced Facebook ad targeting and split testing techniques and were able to 4x their audience reach, 7x their website traffic and ultimately 10x their event ticket sales.

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10x’d product sales for Perth Solar company in under 2 months

This Perth Solar company sells residential, commercial and rural solar systems. Averaging around $20-40 per lead and 1 in 5 closings to a sale, the cost of a new client is between for this Perth Solar Company is $100-200

We rolled out a new landing page and set up conversion Facebook ad targeting people interested in solar systems, re-targeting campaigns and google ad words

logo for light force

Perth Finance Business has a 300% in monthly lead rates

This Perth finance business sells a very unique product and service. They first came to us after investing with another agency with good results but wanted to take their Facebook advertising to the next level. We then built a new website, ran conversion ads, restructured their ad copy and re-targeting audiences and incorporated content marketing videos. This yielded a 300% increase in leads and a 30% reduction in lead costs on Facebook.


Generating consistent monthly lead for Perth based Shower restoration Company for 3 years now

Through the production of a custom Facebook ad video, targeting tech-savvy musicians, and sending high-quality traffic to their website, this online store was able to cut their cost per customer acquisition in half. This accelerated success was achieved by engaging our services within the first two months


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