How to engage with the future of SEO

It’s no secret that the game and industry of SEO is changing rapidly. If you stay attached to the old SEO outlook will fail.

SEO is changing constantly and at a rapid pace. Extra links and keyword volume will not be the way to excel in SEO in 2020.

Having the opinion that SEO is merely about link construction means you’ve fallen for the biggest myth of all, and is an outdated idea from the 2000’s.

Marketers need creativity, fresh-unique ideas and cross collaboration to create SEO strategies that can:

  • Improve media functions.
  • Initiate organic traffic and bring it to websites.

Understanding and sympathizing with consumers will be the key to success. Getting the bounce back rate low and getting consumers to explore the website will be a challenge.

SEO is changing. Anyone employed in the online universe needs to deliberate how they can be more imaginative with strategy and work in a collaborative manner to improve websites and grow long-term consumer engagement. 

Why is SEO changing?

SEO, human behavior, media, technology and consumer mindset are all connected. This will be what changes SEO and digital marketing.

SEO specialists are now obliged to become narrators and marketers that not only can grow a search strategy, but can also converse about and sell a business online.

The user’s attitude and intent must be met by the digital message and bring what the seeker is looking for while constructing brand awareness in the long term. 

SEO Professionals:

SEO professionals must be perceptive in finding and creating the best content to give to the right kind of consumer, making it understandable, inspiring and unique.

Marketers must;

  • Enquire about the consumer experience.
  • Assess the target audience.
  • Reflect on how websites are improved on.
  • Deliberate what language styles and graphics should be used to bond with audiences.

These parts are now features of SEO.

The way that marketers get the brand message and story across to consumers will either help or deter marketing works.

Consumers need websites that load quickly and content that they can easily seek out and digest. As human nature we are always moving quickly; consumers need information quickly or they won’t bother looking further.

We need to understand consumer intent and what user’s informational wants and needs really are.

To become a SEO professional you need to be able to empathize and relate with your consumers and have a deeper understanding of human psychology in order to engage a broader audience.

Delving into why your target audience wants to interact with a brand and good/ service will be what helps you to create full search strategy.

Considering the differences between generations, the values that different consumers hold, and the definitive goal of consumers can help SEO in collaboration with all other marketing sectors to help build brand awareness

Actually getting consumers to stay engaged, not bounce back after landing on a website and become loyal customers takes a great understanding of consumers emotions and needs.

SEO professionals need to think outside the box instead of only thinking about targeting keywords and search volume. Human nature/ emotional needs need to be brought into the equation if you want to create a SEO strategy that really works.

Brands must become conscious of who they are talking to and what they are trying to express and entice.

Be wary that the value consumers are seeking is the future of SEO:

Brands will need to become value-driven and determined to appeal to people, especially younger generations.

Without a strong message and brand awareness, people won’t want to visit the site, click through to the site, engage on social channels or learn more about the business.  

The specific target audience needs to be understood by marketing professionals in order to delve further into the ‘why’ of their actions. Marketers will need to gain a different perspective to find out more about consumer’s needs and wants.

As human nature we create our own reality in our minds based off of our previous experiences. As a marketer you need to understand:

  • What drives Consumers’.
  • Consumers’ needs.
  • Their subconscious mind.
  • Why they search.
  • Their values that control their behaviors.

This understanding is key for creating and holding long term followers and manufacturing an impact online.

You need to be able to easily communicate through a website; superior branding AND great content. Without this you won’t create brand equity.

Consumers are the driving force behind all marketing.

Digital marketing and SEO are being impacted everyday by Technological progressions and Artificial Intelligence.

In order to survive the growth in AI as a marketer, we need to gain a deeper understanding of Technology and AI and how they connect in all areas of marketing.

Technology mirrors are human emotions and gives us the information we seek in order to create our own realities.

Understanding this allows SEO professionals to understand and therefore better persuade humans to optimize for their informational/ emotional needs.

Creative messaging and appropriate language are necessary in order to appeal to the correct target audiences and force them to engage with the website.

As marketers we need to gain a further understanding of the human mind to figure out how to unite all marketing strategies to deliver the best possible – most niche messages that inspire consumers to engage with brands and goods / services.

Without evolving the creative features well, getting a team to help strategize and optimize the content and site and working with media, there will be a disconnect when trying to promote brands and products.

Technology is growing – we need to think like a machine, whilst keeping a consumers’ perspective.

Google/ all algorithms are established by semantics and neural networks intertwining. It’s important we not only understand how Google and technology are impacting on us, but also how our own psyche creates our external reality, including:

  • What we think about.
  • How we search online.
  • How we act.
  • What we click on.
  • What we see.

If users aren’t inspired by the information they are getting from Google, then they won’t click on it; it’s as simple as that.

Google works like the human brain. It considers the relationship amongst search keywords, websites, neural networks, links, etc.

Marketers must do these things to engage with the future of SEO:

  • Comprehend how to sell the right message to the right target audience.
  • Think about the brand as a whole.

Whilst there are obviously trends in user searches, each users mind is different from the other; meaning no user searches are the same either. Everyone perceives the world different based off of what they know. Thus, each search is different.

To be a SEO professional now, you must gain deeper knowledge about:  

  • How humans act.
  • How Google works.
  • How language and semantics correlate with one another to give the best SEO results. 

SEO must be applied with respect to build trust & give the best web experience for users

Brand integrity and the level of trust consumers can place in a brand will now be the future of SEO. Relationships with consumers need to be made to gain credibility for the brand.

Public relations will become more important than ever in order to grow and gain leads online.

Legitimate backlinks from authorized sites will help authenticate brands.

Developing links through authentic media bases and showcasing brands online with PR efforts will assist brands in seeming more appealing through the eyes of humans and machines.

If SEO and marketing professionals aren’t willing to adjust, get creative, and have a more open mind, they won’t be able to keep up with technology’s advances.

Brand awareness will be the driving force of all future SEO. Creating long lasting customers that fully trust and believe in the brand.

Brands and marketers must get ranked in Google, but must also:

  • Convey a larger story that people can deeply relate to.
  • Inspire younger generations.
  • Humanize businesses so they sound less like a sales pitch.

We need to believe in our ability to connect with audiences through our creativity. If not, we will miss the change in marketing that is the future. Showing a larger vision and mission for a brand is so important in order to make this connections with larger audiences.

Are you unsure of how to create content that is more relatable to large audiences with the ever-changing state of SEO? Talk to us at Media Lion Digital Marketing Agency.

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