In depth tips on creating and updating your Instagram.

  • Tone of voice

Choosing a tone of voice for your account is an important decision as it’s how you

communicate with your audience. If you are a brand or product you might use a

third person voice. @frank_bod do an amazing job of this, all their posts are in the

voice of ‘Frank’ who’s voice is the caption of all the Instagram photos, the website

and newsletter.

This is great for a company the size of Frank Body as the account can be run by multiple people who can step in as Frank, it also creates a fun tone to the brand and makes it unique.

If you are a freelancer with no team you might want to use first person and connect as yourself to give your account a personable and approachable feel. You might want to speak as a team, or create a unique voice for your brand. Think of who your target audience is and decide what tone you feel would best appeal to them.

  • Be consistent

Instagram rewards accounts for regular posting and interacting on Instagram.

Ideally post 1-2 times per day and always have a story running. The minimum

should be 3 posts per week. Be sure to check Instagram regularly and answer all

comments and direct messages.

  • Captions

Put the most important text first! Instagram only displays the first two lines of text

and then requires users to click “more” to display the rest of the text. Keep your

main point to the first two lines and any secondary text below. Remember social

media is instant, what you see is what you get. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t

post more than two lines. Your caption can be as long as you feel it needs to be,

just keep in mind the first two lines need to grab the viewer’s attention so that they

continue to read the entire caption, you can use up to 2,200 characters in captions.

  • Geo tag

Make sure to add a location to your posts, not only do posts with locations get

better interaction it can also help potential clients find you. – Posts with a location

tag get 79% more engagement. (

à Creating your own content

When you are taking photos, videos and stories on Instagram, film and shoot on

your phone. This gives you the ability to edit and perfect the image before you post


  • Types of posts

1. Photos

Standard photo. Easy to create and edit. Standard photos also let you tag

products that show the price of the product and allow the customer to shop

the product through Instagram and checkout on your website.

2. Video

Videos are great to give a deeper insight into your business. Video usually

gets more views than standard photos.

3. Carousel

Carousel lets you have up to 10 photos in one post. This way you have one

photo as a ‘cover’ photo and up to 9 photos that sit behind it. Think of it as a

mini photo album. Carousel is great if you have multiple photos that are too

similar to be seperate posts but you’d like to be able to show them. It is also

great for before and afters posts.

  • Content ideas

• Quotes relevant to your product/service

• Tips and tricks relevant to your industry

• User generated content

• Testimonials/reviews


• Short videos

• Boomerangs

• Q+A session via live or stories

• Behind the scenes of your office/workplace

• Meet the team (even if it’s just you)

• Use polls and questions in stories

• Do a collaboration with complementing brands

• Find stock images that fit with your brand using unsplash and pixabay

• Shout out to other local businesses (coffee, lunch, printing) anyone

you use or buy from

• Post information about your product/service, go into detail

• Show your work in progress

• Post stories of your day to day life on stories (always try and have a

story running)

  • Hashtags

There are many reasons to use hashtags and many different ways to implement

them. Hashtags show your photo to a larger audience (including people who don’t

follow you).

Hashtags for Local businesses

If you are aiming at targeting a local audience use hashtags that are specifically for

that location. The more the hashtags you use directly relate to what your business

is about the more of an engaged audience you will get. Make sure you create your

own unique hashtags to create user generated content!

Eg. #perthsmallbusiness #perthcupcakes #perthplumber #perthhair #perthskin

#perthfashion #perthcreatives

Look at whos doing well in your niche (competitors and audience) and use some of

their hashtags that are relevant to your business. Compile them in the notes

section of your phone in sets of 30.

Have different sets of hashtags for different images. Make sure that the hashtags

you use relate directly to your image.

Make sure you don’t use the same 30 for every photo or Instagram will penalise

you and not show your photo to as many people.

You can use a few consistent hashtags in each set, for example if your business has

its own hashtag. Just don’t post the same 30 for every single post.

Make sure to use all 30 hashtags, each hashtag is giving you a chance to be seen

more so make sure you use them!

  • Where

If you are posting without using a scheduling app (which is the best way to get

maximum engagement) copy your 30 hashtags from the notes section in your

phone and post them into the first comment of your post, directly after posting your

image/video. This keeps your post looking neat and leaves out hashtags if you

automatically post to facebook from Instagram. Depending on what scheduling app

you are using (if you choose to use one) you will most likely need to put the

hashtags in your caption. Many people separate their caption from their hashtags

by using 4 dots and then their hashtags. You can add these four dots in your notes

section above your hashtags. Don’t forget to delete your hashtags if you are posting

to Facebook via Instagram.

  • Track

Look into your stats. In the ‘insights’ tab. Go to the content tab, click on a photo

and look at impressions “from hashtags”. This shows how many people saw your

post from your hashtags. You will soon be able to figure out which hashtag groups

are performing the best.

  • Finding hashtags

Click on the magnifying glass on Instagram and type in a keyword then click ‘tags’.

For example type in “Perth”. Instagram will display the current trending hashtags

for the word ‘Perth’. Keep in mind Instagram displays hashtags in order of trending

and not popularity so do your research! Take a look at some large accounts

dedicated to Perth and look at what hashtags they are using. You can then add

appropriate hashtags to your collection.

  • 11. Hashtag growth strategy

1. Post an image with 30 hashtags.

2. Click on the first hashtag. Like 20 of the most recent photos for that hashtag.

3. Do this for each of your 30 hashtags.

4. Comment on any photo you genuinely like.

*Tip: never like too many of the same hashtags and don’t scroll through them

faster than you would normally.

  • Engagement

Instagram is a platform for sharing and being part of a community. It rewards its

users for being active by sharing, replying and liking posts.

  • Time

Invest your time in Instagram, and you will see the benefits. Instagram is a time

consuming platform. As previously mentioned Instagram rewards you for spending

time, engaging and being active. If your account is receiving lots of likes and

comments you can only see the last 75 notifications. This means you need to be

checking and replying to comments and likes multiple times a day. You wouldn’t let

a customer stand in your shop without talking to them, think of responding and

engaging in the same way. The more time you spend engaging with your

community the larger your community will become. Although it takes time you

don’t have to invest money into this strategy and the results will speak for


  • Ask questions

Ask questions in your post captions and stories. Asking a question in a photo

caption is a great way to get comments, once your post has a few comments it

encourages more people to comment. Try using the “questions” “quiz” and “poll”

stickers on Instagram stories to engage and get feedback from your followers.

  • Comment

Share the love! Comment on other pages, this gets your name out on other peoples

pages and will show your business name and comment in the comments section to

all their followers. This can also create a relationship between you and other

businesses and users. This often creates a great “comment for comment” style

relationship. You’ll start to notice accounts that you regularly comment on may

start to regularly comment on your profile.

  • Like

Just like commenting, be sure to like others images too! Think of instagram not

only as a business and sales platform but also as an online community.

  • DM’s (Direct messages)

When Instagram for business first started a lot of people noted “No DM’s” in their

bio. Since then we have seen a massive shift where brands are now encouraging

followers to message them via DM. It creates trust, a personable element and a

direct point of contact, without the need to leave the Instagram platform.

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