A beginners in-person workshop for Perth Business Owners

Learn the basics of Instagram Marketing to generate leads and sales for your business in Perth WA


What you’ll learn in this workshop

  • How to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically
  • How To Use Stories to Sell Products Directly to Your Audience on Instagram
  • How To Use Instagram to Get Engagements & Answers from Your Audience
  • Engagement techniques to grow your account
  • Understanding Hashtags and how to use them to broaden your reach
  • How to Create an Instagram Hashtag Strategy Plan to Maximise Profile Visits
  • How to Make Engaging Post to Maximise Followers, Likes & Shares on Instagram
  • How to read your statistics so you know what it all means
  • Design and aesthetic techniques for a standout profile
  • How to schedule your posts to save time and increase efficiency

A$47 $149

30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

  • When: Wednesday June 26th 2019
  • Time: 6:15pm-7:45pm
  • Where: Media Lion Digital Marketing Agency, Perth, Claremont
  • Address: 220a Stirling Highway, Claremont 6010
  • Free Parking

This workshop includes

  • Create a Professional Instagram Profile that Talks To Customers
  • Create a Content Strategy Plan to Save Time & Energy
  • Use Hashtags to Be Found By Customers
  • Sell Your Products Through Instagram
  • Drive Traffic From Instagram to Your Website


  • The Instagram App Installed on your Mobile Device


Are you ready to learn the most effective way of Digital Marketing – using Instagram?

In this Instagram Marketing Masterclass we’re taking your through a journey from being a Beginner to Experienced in digitally marketing your Perth business on Instagram

With The Latest Training and real actionable steps, you will become confident in your Instagram Marketing. We’ll be teaching you how to create Instagram Posts that’ll engage your audience, Create effective Instagram stories as a part of market research, and to grow your following to make your Business More Money… 

You will also be able to both save yourself time and energy for future projects by learning to create a content strategy plan


From understanding terms around Instagram to have a content strategy plan with a brand new Instagram Account within hours! 

After This Course You’ll Be Able To

  • Create an optimised Instagram Account for your Perth Business

  • Create Engaging Instagram Posts for You and/or Clients

  • Create a Professional Instagram Business Account

What You Will Master Inside This Course

  1. Understand Different Types of Account You Can Create

  2. Create a Professional Instagram Profile that Talks To Customers

  3. Set Up a Professional Instagram Account

  4. Create a Content Strategy Plan to Save Time & Energy

  5. Know What to Post & How to Do It Effectively

  6. To Use Hashtags to Be Found By Customers

  7. To Automate Time Draining Tasks

  8. To Start Making Money with Instagram

  9. To Sell Your Products Through Instagram

  10. To Spy On Competitors to Always Be Ahead

  11. How to Drive Traffic From Instagram to Your Website

  12. And so much more…

The Majority Of The Tools In This Course Are For FREE and Will Help You Get Results.

The Truth is… That we’ve spent years on making this course as easy to consume for you as possible. We’re only using the latest techniques and giving you the latest Instagram Marketing Strategies available relevant in 2019.

Instagram Marketing is, when used correctly the most effective ways to interact with real humans to create new customers today.

Are You Ready to Start Creating an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy?

See You Inside The Course.



Who this course is for

  • Small Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • Anyone With a Product or Service

Training 5 or more people?

Enquire about our corporate Instrgram marketng packages

Course Content

  • Profile overview
  • Setting up your bio
  • Adding links
  • Adding your category
  • Get a professional photo
  • Choose username
  • How to use highlights
  • How to use stories
  • CTA – Call to action button
  • Switch to business account
  • Font and Emojis
  • Following vs Followers
  • Different types of content
  • Arrangement of content
  • Best ways to create content
  • Statistics
  • Optimal times to post (timing)
  • Captions
  • GEO Tagging
  • Direct Messages
  • Designing your feed
  • Hashtag strategies
  • Engagement strategies
  • How to steal your competitors followers
  • Interacting with specific companies to engage with in Perth to boost your following
  • Arranging content
  • Taking the perfect photo
  • When / where to take your content
  • How to be consistent with posting
  • Images, sizes and Resolutions
  • Get free images
  • Edit with canva
  • Video for instagram
  • Different types of posts (image, video, carasel)
  • Captions – putting most important keywords first
  • What makes a good caption 
  • CTAs in the caption
  • Hashtags
  • Best posting time
  • Before you post
  • Scheduling automatic times to post
  • Stories Explained
  • Story examples
  • How to post a story
  • Highlight your story
  • Apps to create engaging stories
  • Cover image for highlights
  • Swipe up feature

About the instructor

Maddison Danforth

Instagram Growth Specialist

I’m passionate about teaching! There’s no greater joy than watching beautiful testimonials of people achieving their goals and dreams. That’s why we STRONGLY believe in full and constant support. With ALL of our courses you can expect:

✓ Practical Courses – Hands-on Teaching for Real World Results!

✓ Unlimited Premium Support  – Guaranteed Learning!

✓ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

If you’re interested in learning Digital Marketing with Instagram

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