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Why An Organic Instagram Strategy Matters

It is so ever important for business owners to be connecting with their audience on social media channels such as Facebook , Instagram, Pintrest, Youtube and more…
With social media flooding our eyes with advertisements after each fifth organic post, consumers are beginning to ignore brands they perceive as negative or non-authentic.  

They are now using social media to look for authentic brands, to see their published content and make a quick decision on doing or not doing business with that company. 

At Media Lion we work closely with our clients social media strategy and campaigns to help them have an authentic presence through each social platform. We help them create professional high quality content that they expect and demand from the businesses of 2019.

Instagram Management

Looking for an agency to manage your Instagram profile? 
Media Lion looks after all of your Instagram needs, from daily posting, hashtag strategies, captions and content ideas to photography and graphic design

Video Marketing

Our team of videographers will will create high quality video for you to publish on each social media platform. From testimonial videos, educational story videos, commercial based videos and more… Media Lion can help you connect with your audience


Media Lion has a team of photographers ready to help you showcase your business through professional imagery on social media. From Instagram to your Website, Google my Business, Pintrest and Facebook, photography for your business should be a #1 priority.

Facebook Page Management

Media Lion can manage your business pages, posting content and engage with potential customers looking for your product or service and deliver them to you.

Email Marketing

Lead nurturing is still the number 1 neglected element of every business. Email marketing is critical to build trust with your and most importantly educate your subscribers on the products and services you provide.


Our work is never done. As we implement a new paid social strategy and continuing thereafter, we will test the advertisements and continue to make changes in order to optimize results.

Our 3-STEP Process


Audience & Strategy

By looking at your audience insights on social media platforms, we can determine the correct demographics to produce content for, and develop tactics to grow your following


Content Plan

Once we have a strategy in place, we can begin creating high quality content, video and photography to publish across each social media platform. We then monitor the engagement and optimise accordiingly



You will see an increase in your customer base and their lifetime value as you continue to publish content to your audience. They will want to see what is coming up next, so be sure to stay ahead of the game

What you receive from Media Lion's Social Media Audit

1. Activity Analysis

Firstly, we will look at your audience insights data to get a snapshot picture of your present performance through social media. Our team will then know the starting point to begin and strategise moving forward

instagram insights interface
instagram page images

2. Followers vs Engagement

Looking at your engagement vs follower metrics of your social accounts helps us determine which areas need the most urgent attention

3. Content Strategy

The most successful brands have a content strategy rather than just posting for the sake of posting. We will devise you a content strategy that will be strategic in bringing in leads and sales, and educating your audience

seo image content
Website design colors

4. Brand Awareness

Keeping your brand and tone of voice consistent across each social platform is important for developing brand awareness.  Our team will be educating your audience through the right content strategy so your brand stays consistent

5. Social Platforms

Images, Video, Articles and more. We will evaluate which content will be effective for each platform, what to do more of and what to retire

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who we've worked with

Generated Perth Luxury Home Builder over 200+ leads and 3 bookings in just 30 days

Before working with our team, Trendsetter Homes Perth was missing out on effective Facebook and Instagram lead generation strategies and retargeting campaigns. Media Lion set up a new Website which is optimised for generating leads through all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Through rigorously testing offers, audiences and optimisation, we were able to lower their retargeting’s Cost Per Acquisition to only $4-5 and increase their retargeting ROI from a 2x to a 160x. Within just 30 days, we were able to generate over 200+ leads and 3 bookings with a potential $183,000 in revenue from their Facebook ads alone.


Event Management business Easter Wonderland 3000+ online tickets sold and received a 553.33% ROI.

Mitchell, owner of a Perth Kids + Adults event company called Easter Wonderland first seeked out Media Lion to help promote the event on social media. We rolled out advanced Facebook ad targeting and split testing techniques and were able to 4x their audience reach, 7x their website traffic and ultimately 10x their event ticket sales.

faster wonderland logo

10x’d product sales for Perth Solar company in under 2 months

This Perth Solar company sells residential, commercial and rural solar systems. Averaging around $20-40 per lead and 1 in 5 closing to a sale, the cost of a new client is between for this Perth Solar Company is $100-200

We rolled out a new landing page and set up conversion Facebook ad targeting people interested in solar systems, re-targeting campaigns and google ad words

logo for light force

Perth Finance Business has a 300% in monthly lead rates

This Perth finance business sells a very unique product and service. They first came to us after investing with another agency with good results, but wanted to take their Facebook advertising to the next level. We built then a new website, ran conversion ads, re structured their ad copy and re-targeting audiences and incorporated content marketing videos. This yielded a 300% increase in leads and a 30% reduction in lead costs on Facebook.


Generating consistent monthly lead for Perth based Shower restoration Company for 3 years now

Through the production of a custom Facebook ad video, targeting tech-savvy musicians, and sending high quality traffic to their website, this online store was able to cut their cost per customer acquisition in half. This accelerated success was achieved by engaging our services within the first two months.


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