Trendsetter Homes Marketing Campaign

Media Lions’ Case Study for Trendsetter Homes – Osborne Park, Perth WA

The Client

What The Brand Needed

The client, Trendsetter, wanted to gain authority & trust in the luxury home space & construction industry and knowing that visuals are far more likely to catch the attention of their audience rather than text-only content, we focused on creating strong imagery & videography for their brand awareness campaign. 

The client also wanted to generate high quality leads through Facebook Ads and Instagram and put in place a lead nurturing system.

When Trendsetter approached Media Lion, they already had brand recognition within the industry, winning numerous awards from HIA, and wanted to expand on past successes to further establish themselves as the trusted luxury home builder in Perth WA

The Strategy

What We Did

We were on a mission to give the client the results it wanted. Media Lion focused on helping Trendsetter Homes achieve these goals over a six month period with the following strategies:

  • Creating a new website with a focus on professional imagery & videography of their current projects and completed homes which provided immediate trust and positioning in alignment of the brands values
  • Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertising campaigns to drive traffic to the new website and capture leads interested in building a luxury home with Trendsetter
  • Being acutely aware of trends and quick to create content that would maximise brand awareness

The Project

Web Design | Facebook Ads | Instagram | Video | Brand Awareness

The project started with a new website which focused on elegance and functionality with specific attention to the user experience.

The website needed to produce high quality leads from paid Facebook and Instagram advertising and do most of the heavy lifting to ease the prospects into conversion, revenues and profits. 

This is where a nurturing campaign was put in place to educate the leads on how to get started with Trendsetter homes, 

Play Video

Video 1

The Scarborough (Client Home)

The team at Media Lion created this real estate video walkthrough as part of the Trendsetter videography campaign. This video showcase’s one of their custom client projects in Scarborough, Perth WA

Play Video

Video 2 

The Atlantic (Display Home)

This video showcase’s Trendsetters display home in Hillarys, Perth which we decided to run as a Facebook and Instagram ad to generate bookings to view the home

Play Video

Video 3

Client Testimonial Video 

This client testimonial is of the owner the Scarborough home and is also the Founder of Midalia Steel, Geoff Midalia. This played an important role in brand recognition through trust, credibility and authority

Step 1

Brainstorming & Conceptualising

The first step of the design process is to conceptualize. The team at Media Lion engages our proprietary Conceptualising process to translate the goals and objectives into actual media content. The team understand the best way to begin to conceptualise a particular problem (or to get through designer’s block) is to start brainstorming, either alone or with colleagues.

Step 2

Sketching & Storyboard

The team at Media Lion understand that Storyboarding is the practice of producing and innovating sketches for a script or concept. Media Lion created a  a sequence of hand-drawn sketches and visual images that supported the script notes and dialogue so the client can visualise an animation before production begins.

Step 3

Pre Production & Video Shooting

Once the first 2 steps have been completed, it’s time for the Pre production phase. Elements of video production such as the script, casting, location scouting, equipment and crew, and the shot list all happen during preproduction

Step 4

Post Production & Editing

PostProduction is the stage after production when the filming is complete and editing of the visual and sound materials starts. PostProduction refers to all of the tasks associated with sorting through raw footage, positioning the footage on the timeline, adding music, ambience and sound effects to name a few.

While one piece of content can create strong returns, publishing and promoting a series of content over time yields even greater results and a stronger foundation for lasting success

Lance Allegretta – Founder of Media Lion

The Website

Beautiful, Functional, Elegant & Mobile Responsive

Media Lion took Trendsetter’s outdated website and completely re-built it into a very attractive and functional platform to host a number of Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns.

As more and more users are accessing sites via mobile devices, we focused on a responsive web design with all the latest responsive techniques


The Website

Functionality, User Experience (UX)

User experience (abbreviated as UX) is how a person feels when interfacing with a website platform.

Designing a great website user experience for Trendsetter required the Media Lion team to greatly understand what problem the visitors wanted solved.

west-leederville1 (1)

The Outcome

The Results 

By creating a powerful campaign and targeting audiences that would be likely to interact with the Trendsetter story, we were able to create ideal marketing results.

As predicted, the campaign caught the attention of our local market.

The content received national coverage from Perth to the east coast and it was even featured on many local media channels.


The Testimonial

Michael Agostino – MD Trendsetter Homes

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